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Delete, Delete, Delete

  1. Delete Spam Comments
    1. To make sure your site is clutter free and optimized it is important to delete spam comments from your site.
  2. Delete Unwanted Themes
    1. Outdated themes are one of the common ways hackers access websites. To maintain the security of your site delete the themes that came with the original install and any other themes you are not using.
  3. Delete unused plugins
    1. Too many plugins can affect the sites speed as well as pose security issues. It is critical that you remove all unused plugins from your site.
  4. Delete Media Files
    1. Delete unused, temporary or redundant media files. Clear all unnecessary junk from your media library to improve the performance of your site.
  5. Delete Inactive Website Admins
    1. A security loophole that is often overlooked, yet extremely important to the overall security of your website.
  6. Delete Trash and Optimize your database
    1. Clearing out your database trash should be a daily routine to make sure your website runs and function smoothly.

Never stop checking to see that your sites are free from malware and functioning at top speed.



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