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By November 28, 2017WP Well-Being

In today’s digital world having a website is vital for every business, no matter what they do. A positive add on to that is the fact that creating a website has never been easier. Nowadays you don’t need to write hundreds of lines of HTML/CSS code to have a good-looking website. WordPress is the most used website platform out there and there are no indications that it will soon fall behind.
Roughly 28% of all websites are being powered by WordPress as 576 WordPress websites are created every single day.
We need to pay more attention to website security since web intruders are evolving with the same pace as the technology itself. Web security is one of the main problems in 2017 as threats are lurking from everywhere. To help keep you safe and secure we want to share 15 important security tips that could save your website from being hacked.
1. Don’t use “Admin” as your administrator username
2. WordPress username.

3. Pick strong passwords (long, with numbers, capital letters, and symbols, use multi-word phrases you can remember)

4. Use 2-factor authentication to log in

5. Download plugins only from known resources

6. Keep WordPress and it’s plugins updated

7. Disable the WordPress Theme and Plugin editor

8. Limit Logins based on Number of Failed Attempts

9. Hide your WordPress Version Number

10. Disable PHP Error Reports

11. [easy-tweet tweet=”Make Regular Backups and Store Them Off-Site” user=”WPwell_being” hashtags=”#wordpress,#security”]

12. Never Download Premium Plugins for Free

13. Secure the wp-config.php file

14. Regularly Monitor Website Security

15. Hire WP [well-being] to handle all this for you

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