Stop Being Stupid

By November 28, 2017WP Well-Being

Stop Being Stupid

WordPress users simply have to look in the mirror to find the enemy when it comes to security. Themselves.

In a recent survey of potential clients, we found that 62 percent of WordPress users only backup their websites every few months, which makes them an easy victim of cyber-attacks or even their carelessness.

While 48 percent backup WordPress at least every few weeks, less than a quarter of them use a website backup plug-in. And even fewer apparently have training on how to use these tools. Also:

  • 30 percent aren’t trained on how to use WordPress
  • 18 percent are “inexperienced” about WordPress backups
  • 72 percent have experienced a plug-in failure following an update
  • 57 percent have accidentally deleted files that were not backed up

But while they don’t appear to be overly concerned with preventing problems, WordPress users surveyed will pay a premium to get lost information back.

Nearly a quarter would shell out “almost anything,” for a complete restore and nearly 18 percent would cough up more than a thousand dollars to get someone else to fix it, according to the survey.

Why So Stupid?

So why are so many WordPress users so out of touch with the realities of protecting their sites?

The problem may stem from the fact that WordPress is so easy to use. Because it’s so straightforward, it attracts users with little technical experience and low IT budgets.

The survey emphasizes this point: nearly half of respondents do not have a website or IT manager.

Businesses don’t seem to realize that they are financially exposed should something go wrong.

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